ITM  Services & Clock Catalog

International Time Machines is a full service provider of antique clocks.

International clocks are authentic, industrial master clocks from the early 1900s. Delivery to your site, installation, set-up and tuning are all part of the service.

Full maintenance while in operation, including preventivive maintenance, accuracy adjustment, seasonal clock change, and other services are provided by ITM professionals on-site. Relocation and installation services are also available.

Each clock has been been restored and running in our restoration & repair shop in    New England. We preserve the beauty of the wood finish original to the clock, with imperfections typical for a 100 year old, but the movement and pendulum have been brought back to their original state by ITM restorers. Modern wiring and testing ensures safety and smooth operation of every clock, while dramatic lighting has been added to highlight its motion.  

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